Design attractive posters

Training in production of scientific posters

Scientific posters are a visual communication tool you can use to publicise your work. Too often they are neither easy to read nor do they draw enough attention. What method should you use to prepare your posters? What are the rules to know about the writing? And, during your poster training sessions, how can you encourage interactions with your audience? Over two days, this science communication training workshop will help you to find answers to all these questions.


Make a good first impression
Make your results easy to read
Know how to present your poster to the public


Make a good first impression

Create an attractive title
Work on the visual impact
Find a graphic balance

Make your results easy to read

Simple presentation rules
Target the message to convey
Use easy to understand charts
Narrow information to its key elements
Tell a story

Know how to present your poster to the audience

Interact with your audience
Make sure your audience retains the key elements
Prepare the question and answer session
Produce a paper handout to give out if necessary

  • Duration

    2 days

  • Languages available

    English & French

  • People concerned

    Anyone who needs to design and present scientific posters

  • Prerequisites


  • Number of participants

    Up to 6 people

  • Educational ressources

    Theoretical and methodological background, practice on material brought by participants, group exchanges, exercises

  • Evaluation procedures

    Questionnaire at the beginning and at the end of training (self-evaluation)

  • Available formats


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I learned very useful tips on improving the attractiveness of my posters and public speaking. The skills acquired from this program are beneficial for my entire research career.
November 2023
I was amazed at the facilitator’s attention to details and responsiveness. It was a very interactive session.
December 2022
I really liked this class, it did help me a lot, not only in designing posters but also in scientific writing. I just recommended it to my colleagues.
Ngoc Tram
February 2022
The trainer knows the subject very well, had a strong experience and shared it well.
February 2022