PowerPoint slide analysis

2-hour communication workshop

PowerPoint slides are a communication tool. As with all other tools, there are right and wrong ways of using them. Throughout this workshop you will discover how to get the best out of your PowerPoint slides. You will also get practise, in teams, at designing effective slides.


Uncover the characteristics of good PowerPoint slides
Learn how to create impactful slides


Uncover the characteristics of good PowerPoint slides

What design rules should you know about?
How much text to include?

Learn how to create relevant slides

What content to select?
How to arrange slides?

  • Duration

    2 hr

  • Languages available

    English & French

  • People concerned

    R&D Teams: scientists, engineers, technicians…

  • Prerequisites


  • Number of participants

    Up to 15 people

  • Educational ressources

    Theoretical background, exercises, training course manual in PDF format

  • Evaluation procedures

    Questionnaire at the end of training

  • Available formats


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