Agent Majeur – Science communication agency

Science communication agency

You are working in the scientific and technical fields. Agent Majeur assists you in promoting your know-how.

Communication training, site visits, consulting and scientific writing, we have developed a whole range of solutions to broadcast your ideas.

  • R&D visit: a research centre audit

    Two Agent Majeur consultants performed an audit for the R&D centre of a pharmaceutical laboratory

    They put forward well-defined recommen-dations to improve a guided tour and the supporting materials used.

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  • Humour in science presentations

    Can forms of humour be included in a serious talk without it backfiring on the speaker?  

    The answer of Tom Antion, a public speaking expert, author of a book in which he delves into the use of humour in business presentations.

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  • Workshop: TED conferences

    What makes TED conferences so successful? How can one draw inspiration from them for one’s very own oral presentations?

    This is the theme of a two-hour workshop created by Agent Majeur.

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  • Creation of a visual identity

    Agent Majeur has created a visual identity for a European research project about the IoT.  

    Our team created a logo, a graphic charter as well as Word, PowerPoint and WordPress templates

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