Communicate to convince

Science communication lecture

Scientists are constantly being asked to be convincing, whether it’s the technical director, marketing teams, clients or public authorities. But what is the best way to construct a convincing presentation? To succeed, you must talk to your public about what interests them, be clear and be memorable. During this conference, you will discover a method and useful tools to help you to prepare speeches. And, by looking at solid examples, you will learn how scientists succeed in delivering impactful presentations.


Talk to your public about what interests them
Construct a clear argument
Deliver a memorable presentation


Talk to your public about what interests them

Transmitting and receiving messages: a schema of the communicator role
Building a bespoke message

Construct a clear argument

Selecting important information
Formulate an effective plan

Deliver a memorable presentation

Embody your speech
Simplify your communication materials

  • Duration


  • Languages available

    English & French

  • People concerned

    R&D teams: scientists, engineers, technicians…

  • Prerequisites


  • Number of participants

    Up to 200 people

  • Educational ressources

    Theoretical background, exercises, training course manual in PDF format

  • Evaluation procedures

    Questionnaire at the end of training

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