Frequently Asked Questions


How to register for an Agent Majeur training course?
You can register for an Agent Majeur training course by contacting us by phone at +33 (0) 1 56 98 05 39 or by email at the following address:

When and how will I receive practical information about my training course?
After receiving your request, you will be sent a contract along with our terms and conditions to be signed and sent back to us.
Thereafter, you will receive an email with the location, dates and times for your training course. We will also send you a pre-training questionnaire to allow your instructor to better understand your expectations.

Where does my training course take place?
Our intra company training courses take place on the site of your choice: at your premises or in an external classroom.
Our intercompany training courses take place in classrooms located in the city center, close to public transportation.

What are my training course times?
In general, our courses start at 9am and finish between 5 and 5:30pm, depending on the module. A welcome coffee is served from 8.45am onwards.
We are attentive to schedule compliance to allow our students to meet their post-training course commitments.

Who takes lunches in charge during training courses?
For of our intercompany training courses, Agent Majeur proposes a package including lunch. These meals are taken together in restaurants we select.
If you have special food requests, be aware that you can compose your meals yourself from a selection of dishes.

What are the general terms and conditions for an Agent Majeur training course?
Agent Majeur training courses are subject to general terms and conditions which are sent to you at the same time as the contract.
They stipulate the terms of payment, cancellation and responsibility of the signatories. They can be found here.

What happens if I am unable to attend the training course I registered for ?
In case you could not make it to the training course you registered, the procedure is as follows: tell Agent Majeur about your absence as soon as possible, by phone at +33 (0) 1 56 98 05 39 or by email to We will then be able to inform your instructor and propose a new training solution according to your schedule.
Conditions of postponement or cancellation of training are detailed in the general terms and conditions for sales.


What is the maximum number of trainees?
The maximum number of trainees in our training courses varies from 6 to 8 according to the modules. This number is restricted to allow everyone to work on their own issues and benefit from personal advice.

Who are Agent Majeur’s consultants ?
Our consultants have a scientific background to better understand the issues on which you are working. They love to share their interest for communication and personal development. Their approach is pragmatic: they design training directly usable in everyday life.

Will I get training material?
Whatever the selected module, Agent Majeur will provide training material. It will help you to remember our methodology and apply what you've learned in everyday life.

Should I bring my computer for training ?
It is recommended you bring your computer to some of our training courses.
In this case, you will be told in a pre-training email.


What happens after training ?
At the end of each of our training sessions, participants are asked to complete a satisfaction questionnaire to gather their impressions. These individual questionnaires are then compiled in an end-of-training assessment that we send to your HR department.
Finally, three months after your training course, you will be sent an email to assess whether your training was useful. After this period for stepping back and practice, 98% of our students find out that they have progressed thanks to the training they received.